After three years of confirmations and finally retractions it will be held in June 2016 the Venture Cup race offshore deep sea. The Club Italia Offshore Race supports this event because contrary to what happens in Italy, where sports institutions have given and continue to give credit to promote sports organizations which, even before playing the races are justified for missed accessions of teams , laying the blame at the time of crisis and not to the total looking for an attractive and compelling product. If there are no registered races are never disputed. This should happen in a normal context. If instead of thinking for Sport, is thought to invitees of excellence, and to their political position, to benefit is not clear what, causes only a huge damage for Sport and just. So we are willing to provide the promoter of the Venture Cup all the necessary support to facilitate the enrollment of Italian and foreign teams interested in a real race Offshore, however as already discussed and positively assessed two years ago with the organizers visiting our headquarters, to stay up to date in Italy and Malta sign two appointments to give a showcase of exception in the Mediterranean. Force Venture Cup the Club Italia Offshore Race is with you!
Sport Director

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